About us

Today's Hotel Basur can be traced back to the original village inn which stood next to the church. The church was first documented around 1380 and the restaurant next to it was also built around this time. The inn was called "zum Löwen" and was first mentioned in a document around 1600. It was the foundation for the current Hotel Basur which was created in 1972 and has been developed over the years combining modern changes with traditional aesthetics. The name “Basur “is of Rhaeto-Romanic origin meaning a hamlet on the sunny slope and dates back to 1275.

Today’s Basur combines tradition and authenticity with a rustic yet modern feel. Our guests, many of whom have become friends over the years, say “it’s nice to be home again!”. We look forward to welcoming you! 

Families Kertess and Egger

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